Logistic solutions for export and import cargo
Custom transit

Customs transit processing

Upon arrival of the cargo at the port customer has the right to implement customs clearance in port of entry or choose for customs clearence any customs point for which the necessary to made customs transit processing in port of entry .

Custom transit

Our proposal

For cargo coming in customs transit regime, arriving in port of  Saint-Petesburg or Ust-Luga we propose optimal, in value, comlex solution based on own regular block-trains of company, in doing so customs clearence must be in Vorsino (Obninsky custom point, Kaluga custom).

comlex solution for cargo which arriving in port of Ust-Luga or Saint-Petersburg

Logistic Solutins for cargo with customs clearance on Vorsino

  • regular container block-train “Ust-Luga – Moscow”
  • regular container block-train “Saint-Petersburg – Moscow”


  • Did not require guarantee or surety because Russian Railway is the customer carrier
  • Customs transit processing carried out by pilot project for issue of transit declaration prior to the cargo being loaded into the means of transport exist

Custom transit

Our proposal

For cargo coming in customs transit regime, arriving in port of Ust-Luga or Saint-Petersburg, but choose for customs cleaner another than Obnunsky (Kaluga custom) customs point, we propose complex solution by morot transportation.

Necessary documents for customs transit processing

  1. Contract, request, power of attorney
  2. Statutes (INN, OGRN, Russian Statistics Committee reference, certified extract of a Uniform State Register of Legal Entities)
  3. Invoice, packing list with CN FEA code and their translation
  4. Specification indicating number of places, weight and value of good for each CN FEA code
  5. Letter, which explain that ties Vendor and Purchaser
  6. Sertificates and evidences (if required for this type of cargo)