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20 May 2019

Export of Goods from Russia in the First Quarter of 2019 is Still Increasing

According to the Federal Customs Service, Russia foreign trade turnover in monetary terms during the first 3 months of 2019 has been equal to the same period of 2018 and amounted to $ 158.6 billion. Export of goods from Russia has increased by 1.4%, and import, on the contrary, decreased by 2.4%.

The breakdown of Russia foreign trade turnover by type of goods and main supplying/purchasing countries for the first 3 months of 2019 is shown below:

$ 104.9 billion ↑1.4%
$ 53.8 billion ↓2.4%
 Share Share
Commodity structure
Fuel and energy commodities66.4%Machines and equipment45.1%
Metals and metalcproducts9.5%Chemical industry products19.1%
Chemical industry products5.7%Food products and agricultural raw materials13.5%
Food products5.1%Metals and metal products7%
Machines and equipment4.5%Textile goods and footwear6.8%
Timber and paper products3%Fuel and energy commodities0.9%
Countrywide structure
South Korea4.1%Japan3.8%
Italy3.6%South Korea3.6%

The breakdown of export structure by the biggest share in each product group:export of goods from Russia by the end of 1st quarter of 2019

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