About Us

The DDLS Company – is a freight-forwarding company, specializing in international multimodal container shipping with a focus on shipment to the Russian Federation by rail.

Logistic solutions offered by DDLS are based on it’s own export-import block-trains which connect the northwestern ports with the central part of Russia.

About Partners
Our partners - are leading sea lines, stevedores, transport and logistics complexes.

- is the largest container carrier in the world. The Company's fleet consists of 611 vesels that call at 343 ports around the world.

- is the leader in container terminal operations serving Russian cargo flow. It owns 9 container terminals, which accounted for 29.7% of the total container turnover of the country in 2017.

- is the first logstic center in Russia, established in the form of freight village, located on the border of New Moscow and Kaluga region. This project is a part Industrial park Vorsino and occupies an area of 570 ha.

Advantages of working with us
Being a client-oriented company whose goal is to optimize the process of cargo transportation, the DDLS Company can act as:
Railway operator
Offering both delivery cargo by it's own regular container block-trains, running from or to Northwestern Federal District port and organizing individual container block-train shipments.
Forwarding agent
Through intra-port forwarding and clearance procedure for transit in Northwestern sea ports.
Provider of logistic services
By offering a full range of freight-forwarding services on a door-to-door bases.
Logistics news
10 April 2019

The annual review of the Russian Railways network activities provides information on loading, container transportation, including direction and types, cargo turnover, and specifications of loading.

8 March 2019

The article provides breakdown of Belarus foreign trade, transport efficiency performance indicators, annual rates of bilateral trade between Russia and Belarus and short forecast for 2019 from The President of Republic.

1 March 2019

This article has data on annual rates of bilateral trade between Russia and Germany, Germany foreign economic activities review with export and import structure with the focus on products participating in Russia and Germany foreign trade turnover.

22 February 2019

This article contains data on foreign trade commodity structure at year-end 2018, key trade partners with the biggest share in Russia foreign trade turnover in 2018, transport companies activities, and forecast of Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation for the years to come.

16 January 2019

The article provides breakdown of China foreign trade, transport efficiency performance indicators, annual rates of bilateral trade between Russia and China and short forecast for 2019.

15 January 2019

This article provides information on the volume of products imported from non-CIS countries as of December 2018 and at year-end 2018. The arcitcle also has data for each cargo group with positive and negative trends.